Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Word for GAZA

I got some movies hosted on al-rasid that I wanted to post, I wont post them though untill the killing of civilians in Gaza by the barbarians ends .

Since the siege on Gaza has begun we have long witnessed the daily massacres that turned the city’s water into blood and it’s buildings into dust. Yet I -being a palestinian- have almost never blogged about these tottally unpreceded acts of savagery and barbarianism by the bloodthurst zionists of israel, supported by the american government; basically because I didnt want to turn this blog into a political stage, which might not be liked by some. But not today.

last thursday, In one day, thirty people were shoot dead by the israeli-held-american-made F16 rockets, including nine children who became unrecognizable pieces of flesh. And that, however,is not the reason I am writing right now.

Matan Velnaie who is the Deputy Defense Minister in the israeli government told the Israeli Army Radio (Gale-Tzahal) on friday:

"The more Qassam fire intensifies and the rockets reach a longer range, [the Palestinians] will bring upon themselves a bigger shoah because we will use all our might to defend ourselves" . [Haaretz - Israeli newspaper]

The word Shoah in hebrew translates into Holocaust, and it never matters that Vilnai’s spoeksman claims that what the former meant wasnt the genocide but a disaster, because the genocide has already occured, or what do we call the killing of thirty people in one day ?

It is also a zero-significance to say that the israeli’s siege and barrage on Gaza’s people is a result of the palestinian rockets. Overall, and according to israeli sources, like 740 rockets landed on the israeli lands since the seige begun, killing only two people (who were directly hit by the home-made rockets). On the other hand, you can imagine the number of the palestinian kills that are caused by the heavy artillery barrage, the F16 missiles and the 2 Ton bombs, recalling that the number can overreach 3o people in one day !

So the israeli’s are working to revenge the Palestinians for what happened to them by the Nazis, forgetting that many times during the european nations’ revolts against jews in europe, no one cared for them like Muslims, as parts of those jews escaped to Palestine which was part of the Ottoman Empire then, where the Ottoman muslims provided them with shelter and security in the Islamic empire, and where they continued to live peacefully untill the british-israeli occupation in the 1900’s, when in 1948 they turned against the palestinians who let them live on their lands for many years.

ehh.. aint that an interesting story ?

Muhammad. A 6 months old infant who made his parents the happiest in the world after five years of waiting, has made them the saddest in the world hearing his fading voice under the rubble of his house that was hit by an israeli missile last wednesday.

This is Bilal. He was playing football near his house together with 6 other children. The israeli missiles hit them where the limbs of two of them spread all over the place; another two have been severly wounded and they had limbs that needed to be cut, a fifth boy has only lost a leg. They didnt know that it is not allowed to play football on thursdays.

Look into her eyes

This video shows muslim palestinians protesting against the massacres at Gaza and the charicatuers in the danish newspapers.

And the never, ever forgettable scene that caused the tears of millions to fall endlessly, on the beach of gaza, as she was with her family, 5 of her family were killed by the shooting of an israeli warship. Before her eyes, she watched them bleed to death.

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